2008 Schweser QuickSheet: Critical Concepts for Exam

Maximize your examine time whereas reviewing the an important innovations with this well-organized, laminated reference sheet that includes: * an important ideas * Topical assurance * special graphs * Key formulation

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All source intangibles exist in a neutral state until influenced by an interaction. C9) 10. Intangible transactions are actually uses and sources of time capital. C10) 11. Financial transactions and financial performance are the end result (or accumulation) of numerous intangible transactions. C10) 12. Intangibles can be either source intangibles or destination intangibles. C12) 13. The true impact of intangibles is typically not understood or recognized due to the impact of derived demand. C13) 14.

The intMgtOS® Wage Cost Multiple Statement illustrates the difference between wages and revenue on a sector-by-sector basis for large caps, medium caps, small caps, and micro caps across all US exchanges. 44 for each $1 of wages across all large cap firms. 39. 41. I8) Productivity is the lifeblood of all organizations. Brand value can be seen as a proxy for the effectiveness of productivity over time. If productivity increases, it is due to increases in operational brand value. If productivity decreases, it is due to decreases in operational brand value.

Of those 40 percent, only half are satisfied with the methods they use. ” According to conventional management thinking, brand value is regarded as one of the most visible and important of all intangibles. However, brand valuation has been plagued with problems. Across the world, companies are hampered by a fundamental inability to measure and manage the key components of their competitive advantage—competitive intangibles. ROBUST INTANGIBLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Intangibles obey a number of laws that conventional (financial) assets disobey.

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