Abridged Science for High School Students. The Nuclear by H. Messel

By H. Messel

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These stars follow the curved paths shown in the photographs; each of them swings up and around in the same direction, and in much the same way, as a point on one of the hands of a clock. Indeed, they move in very much the same way as do points on the hour hand of a clock, but at about half the rate. 3 The Southern Cross, Musca, Carina, and Chameleon. About midnight late in February. T a k e n on a fixed-focus box camera using Kodak T r i - X . T i m e of exposure—calculated— about 56 minutes wait until half past two in the morning, you would find the Cross at last upright, as it is on the flag; it would be then very high in the southern sky.

Probably rockets, satellites and space travel would be very prominent among your answers. Some of you may list such things as the study of life itself, or electronics or atomic bombs. Very few of you would include the ordinary, everyday things with which we are so familiar. Things like water or air or wood or iron are so commonplace that most people would find little there to interest them, but such people would not be looking with the eyes of a scientist. Science is concerned with ordinary, material things and a scientific study of these shows them to be as interesting and as exciting as anyone could wish.

What is more, all of the observations that we have made to date can be explained by it. However, there is another way of explaining what we have seen. From the above observations and other experiments to be described later, scientists have concluded that the apparent motions of stars are best described by supposing that the earth itself rotates from west to east, so that the stars seem to move from east to west. Simple observations of stars and their trails have led us to important ideas about the heavens.

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