Advances in Optical and Photonic Devices by Ki Young Kim

By Ki Young Kim

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Front section Slot r4 r3 n1 r2 r1 n2 t4 Back section n3 t3 n1 n2 t1 Fig. 2. Schematic description of single slot laser diode. t2 42 Advances in Optical and Photonic Devices In fig. 2, ni refers to the effective refractive index in these section of the laser structure, while ri refers to the reflection from the interfaces as shown above. Each section can be described as a separated cavity and the total reflection and transmission is then found. The back section amplitude reflection from the left side and right side is described from the SMM as rbl = r1 + ( t1r2 ( −t1 ) exp −2iβb Lb ( ) 1 − r2 ( − r1 ) exp −2iβb Lb (1) ) and rbr = −r2 + ( t2 ( −r1 )( −t2 ) exp −2iβb Lb ( 1 − r2 ( −r1 ) exp −2iβb Lb ) ) (2) respectively where β is the complex propagation constant ( β = βre + iβim) and Lb is the back section cavity length.

2002). The 3D WCM is a toroid with a circular helix symmetry not reducible to the simple 2D rotational symmetry 22 Advances in Optical and Photonic Devices 2. Basic properties of PQR lasers The 3D WCM laser of PQR, whose simulation work will be shown later, behaves quite differently due to its quantum wire-like nature as follows: First of all, the PQR exhibit ultralow threshold currents – for a mesa-type PQR device of 15 um diameter, the PQR at the peripheral Rayleigh band region lases with about one thousandth of the threshold current needed for the central vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) of the same semiconductor mesa as illustrated in Fig.

H. , Single mode photonic quantum ring laser fabricated in hyperboloid drum shape, J. Appl. Phys. 103, 053103 (2008) 3 A Tunable Semiconductor Lased Based on Etched Slots Suitable for Monolithic Integration D. C. Byrne, W. H. Guo, Q. Lu and J. F. Donegan School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin Ireland 1. Introduction Widely tunable semiconductor lasers will play a critical part in future technologies. Tunable lasers are rapidly replacing fixed wavelength lasers in dense wavelength division multiplexing DWDM optical communications.

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