Aging and the Heart: A Post-Genomic View by José Marín-García M.D., Michael J. Goldenthal, Gordon W. Moe

By José Marín-García M.D., Michael J. Goldenthal, Gordon W. Moe (auth.)

Cardiac getting older, like getting older normally, is a posh method. a number of mobile and molecular alterations give a contribution to the expression of the a number of phenotypes of getting older, "the varied faces" of cardiac getting older. during this publication, the genetic and molecular foundation of cardiovascular getting older could be mentioned. moreover, a entire evaluation of the bioenergetic alterations that take place in human and animal types of cardiac getting older in addition to present diagnostic and destiny healing modalities should be undertaken.

José Marín-García is Director, The Molecular Cardiology and Neuromuscular Institute, Highland Park, New Jersey.

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