Agriculture and the Environment: Perspectives on Sustainable by Ernst Lutz

By Ernst Lutz

Agriculture in constructing international locations has been remarkably winning in past times few many years in permitting foodstuff construction to maintain velocity with the turning out to be inhabitants. This good fortune has been completed partly on the fee of putting extra rigidity on ordinary assets and the surroundings. As we glance to the long run, the necessity to proceed expanding nutrition construction, whereas while minimizing environmental damages, maintaining the source base, and decreasing poverty, hunge{, and malnutrition, poses a tremendous problem.

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1. 89 Source: World Bank 1995b. Third, tax policies,have converted agriculture into a tax shelter for both income and capital gains taxation, providing incentives for holding land as a tax shelter rather than for agriculturalproduction. By subsidizingcapital inputs and the livestocksector, the Colombiangovernment has sponsored a strategy of agricultural development that discriminates against small farmers. Tractor subsidies have encouraged shedding of labor: already, by the early 1970s, one-quarter of the cultivated area was mechanized.

Expanding the Measure of Wealth: Indicators of Environmentally Sustainable 21 Development. C. World Resources Institute. Accounts Overdue: Natural Resource Depreciation in Costa Rica. C. 3 Policy-Induced Effects of Natural Resource Degradation: The Case of Colombia John Heath and Hans P Binswanger Observers are often struck by the joint occurrence of growing rural populations, rural poverty, and degradation of the natural resource base used by the poor. As a result, population growth and poverty are often seen as the causes of natural resource degradation.

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