Airlift! The Story of the Military Airlift Command by Marcella Thum

By Marcella Thum

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After arriving at Cuyana, the nightmare of the massixe suicides that had happened Air Force and Team at at the Jonestown colony was revealed. Army Task Force was MAC set up. headquarters had to enlarge The its A Joint Crisis Action mission into a full-scale airlift. It was immediately apparent that heavy-lift helicopters were needed to shuttle out the bodies of the Jonestown victims. Three HH-53 helicopters were dispatched cue and Recovery Wing at required aerial refueling by from the 55th Aerospace Res- AFB, Eglin HC-130 Florida.

Lurching into the eye, they ''kicked out" the circling for an accurate readout. When pressure on their oil dropped toward dropsonde unit and orbited, number three engine zero, they got out of the eye at and sought once a pre- number four engine light They shut number four down, finally viously seen 50-mile clear area. Their indicated a faulty generator. all landing safely in Houston, Texas. 59 The MAC Weather Reconnaissance Squadron was not alone in hurricane hunting that day. its eye of that storm.

There 29 H was no difficulty, women and however, in off-loading the food! Starving men heaw sack scrambled aboard the planes and the would be out of grain of the aircraft last of the aircraft in 25 minutes. was carefully swept so that not Then a grain of the floor food would go to waste. Ten and famine devastated years later an even worse drought Africa again. In Ethiopia alone 300,000 died. Once and supplies were sent to Africa from countries and over the world. all MAC's C-141s vaccine, skim milk, water tanks, the human wa\e again food relief agencies airlifted in blankets, measles and other of refugees fleeing to \ital relief supplies to Sudan from Chad and Ethiopia.

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