ASHRAE Standard 62-1999, Ventilation For Acceptable Indoor

A development code calls for that outside air air flow premiums agree to ASHRAE sixty two (latest version). A fashion designer has designed in line with ASHRAE 62-1989, multi-unit smoking-permitted eating places. For the consumer element of a cafe having an occupancy of 2 hundred humans, the air flow expense is two hundred humans x 20 cfm/person = 4000 cfm. The clothier now has a task for an additional approximately exact eating place unit situated in a geographic zone lined by means of the aforementioned code. Addendum e got rid of the assertion from desk 2 that air flow charges accommodate "a reasonable quantity of smoke". Now it truly is uncertain even if the air flow price strategy of part 6.1 of ASHRAE usual 62-1999, using desk 2, can now be used to calculate air flow charges for multi-unit smoking-permitted eating places.

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5117 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53705 Reference. 1. Background. 1 Multiple Spaces states in part: "Where more than one space is served by a common supply system, the ratio of outdoor to supply air required to satisfy the ventilation and thermal control requirements may differ from space to space. " Mr. 1 if the required rates of acceptable outdoor air in Table 2 are provided to each space. Question. Is Mr. Kimball’s interpretation correct? Answer. Yes Comment. 1 difficult to resolve and will consider proposals for clarifying/modifying the requirements in the next revision of Standard 62.

Table 2 lists "Outdoor Air Requirements for Ventilation" based on the type of space. IP&E’s Interpretation No. 1. IP&E interprets that supply fans can be duty cycled on and off during occupied times for energy conservation, provided that the supply of outdoor air to the occupied space provides sufficient dilution to maintain contaminant concentrations within acceptable levels at all times, even if this produces a time-averaged rate of outside air introduction that is less than the rate set forth in Table 2.

Is intermittent exhaust permissible in restrooms? Answer. Yes. " Question 2. 1 mandatory or advisory? Answer. Advisory (should, or recommended), unless stated as mandatory (shall). : December 13, 1993 Request from: This reissued interpretation incorporates changes to the caveat accompanying the answer to Question 1 and deletes the comment. It also incorporates editorial changes for clarification of the Background Section, the headings, and Comment (b) to Answer 3. This revised interpretation is intended to resolve comments received as a result of publication of the original interpretation in the October 1991 issue of the ASHRAE Journal.

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