Asian Highlands Perspectives, Vol. 17: A Zorgay Tibetan by Kondro Tsering

By Kondro Tsering

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Our local monastery, where my oldest brother is a monk, is near the township town. Brother wanted to stay at Monk Brother's home, for he was exhausted. Father and I continued home without him. It was almost dark when we arrived. Father's hair dripped with sweat and vapor rose from it as if from a steamer of bread buns. Mother, my sisters, and Gaga all came to unload the mule. Mother gave me a warm kiss and said, "My dear youngest one, I missed you," which surprised me because only two days had passed and I had not thought about her.

How dare you laugh at me? " His anger made me want to laugh more. I tried to control myself because I did not want to be beaten. I no longer wanted to get back into bed, paused, and then said, grinning broadly, "It's none of my business that you are as cold as if you had slept in an icehouse, because I didn't do anything to cause your coldness. Why didn't you wake me when you got up? " Rubbing his hands together for a little warmth, he said more calmly, "I'm sorry. " "Why did you think we would quarrel?

Dorji whispered, "They want to fight because our arithmetic teacher praised you this morning. " Oh my Three Jewels! When I was poor at arithmetic they were my friends, and now when I was making progress they had become enemies. I was becoming the student they wanted to beat and push down. I was very disappointed, but not wanting to vent my anger I said, "I know why you want to fight. " I said such things because I wanted to avoid a fight. I was unsure how well I would do on the final exam. Without warning, the three boys rushed at me, kicked every part of my body, punched my nose until it bled, and yanked my hair using all their strength.

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