British Enfield Rifles by R.Stratton

By R.Stratton

Книга о главной винтовке британской армии. Это оружие сослужила хорошую службу британцам в колониях. Лондон много и часто экспортировал его племенам Белуджистана и Афганистана. Подробно рассмотрено устройство винтовки. Описаны модификации, системы заряжания и т.п. Издание предназначено в первую очередь для коллекционеровстрелкового оружия.

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5 inches, and the nominal weight is 12 pounds 5 ounces, the extra weight coming from the heavy barrel and the scope and mount. The L42A1 rifle was in service until 1992; at the time of writing only about a thousand have been released for the surplus market. The British government is reportedly destroying its remaining stores of this rifle. Needless to say, the L42A1 rifles will command at least the premium that the No. 4 (T) rifles fetch—and probably a good bit more. 16 No. 4 AND No. 5 RIFLES L59A1 DRILL RIFLE The L59A1 Drill rifles are identified by large " D .

5 RIFLES Note: On No. 1 rifles, the entire bridge charger guide is a separate forging which is shrink-riveted to the action body. On early No. 4 rifles, the charger bridge is attached to the action body by screws. On many later No. 4 rifles and No. 5 rifles, the charger bridge is brazed or welded in place and the screws are omitted. With No. 62 mm NATO cartridge, an insert for the charger bridge was provided to accommodate the new rimless cartridge. Three varieties of charger bridge are encountered.

4 Mk I*, and on No. 4 Mk 2 and No. 5 rifles. Second Variation: A war-time production expedi- 46 Fig. 2-16. 1st Variation Locking Bolt Spring No. 4 AND No. 5 RIFLES ent, this spring (Figure 2-17) is stamped and has a noticeable step-down for the locking bolt spring screw. It is found on later WWII-vintage No. 4 Mk I rifles (and perhaps on a few No. 4 Mk I* rifles). Historical Note: No. 4 rifles that were converted or repaired following WWII generally had first variation locking bolt springs installed on them.

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