C# 4.0 Pocket Reference by Ben Albahari, Joseph Albahari

By Ben Albahari, Joseph Albahari

When you're programming C# 4.0 and wish a bit aid, this tightly concentrated and functional publication tells you precisely what you must understand -- with out lengthy introductions or bloated examples. It's excellent as a succinct speedy reference or as a consultant to get you speedily up to the mark in the event you already understand Java, C++, or an prior model of C#.

Written by way of the authors of the acclaimed C# 4.0 in a Nutshell (O’Reilly), this e-book covers the total C# 4.0 language -- with out skimping at the information -- together with:
<UL> * beneficial properties new to C# 4.0, similar to dynamic binding, non-compulsory and named parameters, and sort parameter variance
* All of C#'s basics
* complex issues, together with operator overloading, customized conversions, variety constraints, covariance and contravariance, lambda expressions and closures, iterators, nullable forms, and operator lifting
* LINQ, beginning with sequences, lazy execution, and traditional question operators; completing with a whole connection with question expressions
* dangerous code and guidelines, customized attributes, preprocessor directives, and XML documentation

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Com> var x = 5; x = "hello"; // Compile-time error; x is of type int In the section “Anonymous Types” on page 140, we describe a scenario where the use of var is mandatory. Expressions and Operators An expression essentially denotes a value. The simplest kinds of expressions are constants (such as 123) and variables (such as x). Expressions can be transformed and combined using operators. An operator takes one or more input operands to output a new expression: 12 * 30 // * is an operator; 12 and 30 are operands.

The preceding call to Foo is semantically identical to: Foo (23); because the compiler simply substitutes the default value of an optional parameter wherever it is used. 0 Pocket Reference Download from Library of Wow! com> WARNING Adding an optional parameter to a public method that’s called from another assembly requires recompilation of both assemblies—just as though the parameter were mandatory. The default value of an optional parameter must be specified by a constant expression, or a parameterless constructor of a value type.

Y Yes And x & y Yes Exclusive Or x ^ y Yes Or x | y Yes Conditional And x && y Via & Conditional Or x || y Via | Conditional isTrue ? thenThis : elseThis No = Assign x = y No *= Multiply self by x *= 2 Via * /= Divide self by x /= 2 Via / += Add to self x += 2 Via + −= Subtract from self x −= 2 Via − <<= Shift self left by x <<= 2 Via << >>= Shift self right by x >>= 2 Via >> &= And self by x &= 2 Via & ^= Exclusive-Or self by x ^= 2 Via ^ |= Or self by x |= 2 Via | as Equality Logical And & Logical Xor ^ Logical Or | Conditional And && Conditional Or || Conditional ?

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