Central Asian Survey (assortment), Strategic Analysis by Jonathan Goodhand, Witt Raczka, Hansjörg Bienier, Sithara

By Jonathan Goodhand, Witt Raczka, Hansjörg Bienier, Sithara Fernando, Toshi Yoshihara, Abigail Sines, Richard C Foltz, Ronald J. Rapp , Franz-Stefan Gady , Sarabjeet Singh Parmar , Karl Frederick Rauscher, MOHIADDIN MESBAHI, Ertan Efegil , Leonard A Stone,

The collection of the magazine articles have under details:

1 From holy battle to opium struggle? A case examine of the opium economic climate in North jap Afghanistan
2 A sea or a lake? The Caspian's lengthy odyssey
3 Broadcasting to Tibet
4 China's Post-1978 Maritime kinfolk with South Asia: in the direction of larger Cooperation
5 chinese language perspectives of India within the Indian Ocean: A Geopolitical Perspective
6 Civilizing the center Kingdom's wild west
7 Environmental projects in modern Iran
8 India's severe function within the Resilience of the worldwide Undersea Communications Cable Infrastructure
9 Iran and valuable Asia: paradigm and policy
10 Iran's pursuits in critical Asia: a latest assessment
11 challenge very unlikely: the politico-geographical engineering of Soviet valuable Asia's republican boundaries
12 Sino-Indian Water Issues
13 The vital Asian Bureau, a necessary instrument in governing Soviet Turkestan
14 The chinese language military, Its nearby strength and international Reach
15 The demise and burial of Chinggis Khaan
16 The making of chinese language imperative Asia
17 The mythology of munificent Caspian bonanza and its concomitant pipeline geopolitics
18 the hot nice online game and the recent nice avid gamers: Disciples of Kipling and Mackinder
19 The Shanghai Cooperation association, exchange, and the jobs of Iran, India and Pakistan

1 valuable Asian Survey 2000.19:265-280
2 important Asian Survey 2000.19:189-221
3 principal Asian Survey 2002.21:417-422
4 Strategic research 2012.36:461-476
5 Strategic research 2012.36:489-500
6 significant Asian Survey 2002.21:5-18
7 significant Asian Survey 2001.20:155-165
8 Strategic research 2012.36:375-383
9 primary Asian Survey 2004.23:109-139
10 imperative Asian Survey 2001.20:353-365
11 imperative Asian Survey 2006.25:61-74
12 Strategic research 2008.32:969-974
13 vital Asian Survey 2003.22:281-297
14 Strategic research 2012.36:477-488
15 valuable Asian Survey 2000.19:95-115
16 vital Asian Survey 2007.26:235-250
17 crucial Asian Survey 2002.21:37-54
18 critical Asian Survey 2003.22:83-102
19 valuable Asian Survey 2007.26:429-444

1 Jonathan Goodhand
2 Witt Raczka
3 Hansjörg Bienier
4 Sithara Fernando
5 Toshi Yoshihara
6 Abigail Sines
7 Richard C Foltz
8 Ronald J. Rapp , Franz-Stefan Gady , Sarabjeet Singh Parmar , Karl Frederick Rauscher
10 Ertan Efegil , Leonard A Stone
11 Amanda Farrant
12 P. ok. Gautam
14 You Ji
15 Bat-Ochir Bold
16 Daniel C. Waugh
17 Alec Rasizade
19 Nicklas Norling

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The level of security depends to a great extent on the status and power of the local commander and his relationship s with the Shura-e-Nizar and other commanders in the area. Deh Dehi village Deh Dehi is a village of 138 household s situated 20 km from the district centre of Faizabad. The road to the village was washed away by flash floods in 1998 and villager s travel to Faizabad by donkey or foot. Deh Dehi originate d 300 years ago when Uzbeks from Bukhara (now Uzbekistan) settled in the area.

Another important factor in the equation has been the competitio n between two oil companies, Bridas of Argentina and the US company UNOCAL, to build a gas pipelin e across Afghanistan from Turkmenistan to Pakistan. UNOCAL, however, recently pulled out of the initiativ e in response to US pressure. The main source of unofficial revenue in Afghanistan is the drugs trade. Afghanistan has become the biggest producer of opium in the world. In 1998, opium productio n in Afghanistan rose by 9 per cent.

In the 20th century, human action has also become a factor, with dams, irrigation systems, and industria l uses dramatically altering all major tributaries to the sea. As a result of this long process, the Caspian is today a relict marine basin. This conclusio n should , in principle , be of merely geologica l or oceanographi c importance since from the latter point of view—compositio n of water (salinity ), fauna, flora—the Caspian is doubtless considered a sea. —is not merely academic since the basin and its adjacent areas are among the richest reservoir s of oil and gas in the world, with a complex network of economic and geopolitica l interests involvin g local states as well as global superpowers.

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