Character Makeover: 40 Days with a Life Coach to Create the by Katie Brazelton, Shelley Leith, Christine Williams,

By Katie Brazelton, Shelley Leith, Christine Williams, Zondervan

Get the type of makeover that would rework your lifestyles! Bestselling writer and existence trainer Katie Brazelton takes you on a deeply own forty-day trip of constructing your personality. notice the right way to shut the distance among knowing God's objective in your existence and sporting it out as you place an finish to well-worn styles of defeat, woundedness, lack of confidence, unworthiness, and self-centeredness. Teaming up with coauthor Shelley Leith, who's a hugely sought-after speaker on strengthening marriages and family members, Brazelton specializes in 8 personality characteristics necessary to dwelling a purpose-filled lifestyles: humility, self belief, braveness, strength of mind, endurance, contentment, generosity, and perseverance. step by step you are going to event an entire personality makeover---and turn into the simplest 'you' God meant you to be. perfect for small teams, women's church ministry, and one-on-one examine.

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Some women see their past and their personality as a trap in which they’re stuck, instead of realizing they can choose either to stay the same or change their behavior. For some, the statement “You need to accept me the way I am” is a smoke screen they use to avoid changing bad habits. • Never admitting fault. This is the “hard of hearing” woman, who doesn’t seem to perceive or internalize any words of correction, advice, rebuke, instruction, or warning. Israel’s pride will cause their defeat; they will not turn back to the LORD their God or look to him for help in all this.

One day, as people were waiting their turn for Deborah to settle their disputes and dispense justice, she received a prophetic message from God for Barak, the military commander: assemble an army and attack the Canaanites. Now let’s just stop a minute here to realize how audacious this idea was. The Canaanites boasted an invincible army with iron chariots (Judges 1:19). Earlier generations of Israelites had been so terrified of them that they surrendered before they even prayed. Well, the Canaanites still had their chariots, but Israel now had a secret weapon — Deborah’s abiding faith in God.

Controlling: I manage the actions of others to make sure they do things my way. Critical spirit: I look for ways others don’t meet my standards and point them out. Intolerance: I won’t accommodate opinions different than my own. Irritability: I get annoyed easily and lash out at those who bother me. Judgmentalism: I assume the worst or exhibit a condemnatory attitude. Put-downs: I intentionally belittle others with cutting or snubbing remarks. Self-righteousness: I justify poor treatment of others by my holiness.

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