Ciba Foundation Symposium - Internal Secretions of the

Chapter 1 Chairman's beginning comments (page 1):
Chapter 2 Morphological stories of the Destruction of ??Cells through Chemical capability (pages 2–13): Helmu Ferner
Chapter three Metabolic results of ??Cell Destruction (pages 14–34): Claus V. Holt, Linde V. Holt, Barbara Kroner and Joachim Kuhnau
Chapter four Pituitary development Hormone and Blood Insulin task (pages 35–54): P. J. Randle
Chapter five The regulate of the Secretory task of the Islets of Langerhans (pages 55–74): Piero P. Foa
Chapter 6 the consequences of Hypophysectomy and of lengthy development Harmone management at the Pancreatic ??Cells of the Rat (pages 75–88): Martin G. Goldner and Bruno W. Volk
Chapter 7 Fractionation of Insulin (pages 89–109): Eugene Fredericq
Chapter eight The Chemical constitution of Insulin (pages 110–121): F. Sange
Chapter nine an idea of the Three?Dimensional constitution of Insulin (pages 122–132): David F. Waugh
Chapter 10 A hypothesis on Insulin (pages 133–146): Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin and Beryl Oughton
Chapter eleven Insulin and Glucagon (pages 147–166): Werner Scrulze
Chapter 12 Chemical and organic features of Glucagon (pages 167–178): Otto ok. Behrens, A. Staub, Marry A. Root and W. W. Bromer
Chapter thirteen The motion of Glucagon on Liver Phosphorylase (pages 179–193): E. W. Sutherland, W. D. Wosilait and T. W. Rall
Chapter 14 Inhibitory impact of Glucagon at the Insulin Glucose Uptake of the remoted Diaphragm of the Rat (pages 194–202): J. L. R. Candela and R. R. Candela
Chapter 15 The Hepatic motion of Insulin (pages 203–226): Christian De Duve
Chapter sixteen a few difficulties of Permeability of Tissue Cells to Sugars (pages 227–239): Ernst Helmreich and Carl F. Cori
Chapter 17 The shipping of Glucose and different Sugars throughout phone Membranes and the impact of Insulin (pages 240–265): C. R. Park, R. L. submit, C. F. Kalman, J. H. Wright, L. H. Johnson and H. E. Morgan
Chapter 18 Pancreatic Islets and development (pages 266–284): Cesare Cavallero
Chapter 19 Chairman's final feedback (pages 285–287):

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Sugar level can be achieved in the absence of islet tissue; secondly, it proves the existence of an intact liver function because only the latter is able to effect such a regulation, according to the results of Soskin and Levine (1952). At the same time the importance of a functional co-operation of all parts of the pancreas is stressed, in so far as it is necessary that the internal secretion as well as the so-called external secretion bring about the balanced state of carbohydrate METABOLICEFFECTS OF DESTRUCTION25 &ELL metabolism.

The a-celis apparently recover after some time. This means that this phenomenon can be present in a-cells under certain normal functional conditions. Young: You would argue from the fish to other animals? Mosca: Perhaps in other animals not all the elements, but some of them, can be degranulated though still keeping their function. G o l d w : Dr. Mosca, is it correct that the extract of the argyrophil cells of these fish is not hyperglycaemic? Mosca: It is not as hyperglycaemic as it is when you pick up the pancreas from normal fish.

Ordinate :max. blood sugar increase initial blood sugar value of these drugs in the a-cells of the islets of Langerhans. Therefore I think we have good reason to connect the observed metabolic changes with the loss of hormone production and the ensuing disturbance of the hormonal equilibrium. Further investigations seem to show that other compounds also which have a thiodiazole ring in their molecule show a blood-sugar lowering activity and an a-cell destroying property (Table 11). As t o the p-cells, only signs of functional irritation are seen.

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