Ciba Foundation Symposium - Transcultural Psychiatry by England 1965 De Reuck, Anthony V. S. ; Porter, Ruth, ;

By England 1965 De Reuck, Anthony V. S. ; Porter, Ruth, ; Ciba Foundation. Ciba Foundation Symposium: Transcultural Psychiatry London

Chapter 1 Chairman's starting feedback (pages 1–3): Sir Aubrey Lewis
Chapter 2 fresh advancements in Transcultural Psychiatry (pages 4–25): E. D. Wittkower and Hsien Rin
Chapter three Hominid Evolution, Cultural variation and psychological Dysfunctioning (pages 26–61): A. Irving Hallowell
Chapter four Schizophrenic and Borderline States (pages 62–83): T. Adeoye Lambo
Chapter five Phenomenology of Affective ailment in chinese language and different Cultures (pages 84–114): P. M. Yap
Chapter 6 Housing and psychological wellbeing and fitness in constructing nations (pages 115–136): Joseph Zvi Hes
Chapter 7 Social features of principles approximately therapy (pages 137–168): J. B. Loudon
Chapter eight Cultural parts within the reaction to remedy (pages 169–194): G. M. Carstairs
Chapter nine altering styles of formative years (pages 195–215): Martha Wolfenstein
Chapter 10 Cultural swap and Psychiatric affliction (pages 216–235): Alexander H. Leighton
Chapter eleven grownup Roles (pages 236–267): Margaret Mead
Chapter 12 tools of Psychiatric study in Africa (pages 268–302): Edward L. Margetts
Chapter thirteen The Epidemiological method of Transcultural Psychiatric learn (pages 303–327): H. B. M. Murphy
Chapter 14 Transcultural analysis of psychological future health by way of mental assessments (pages 328–383): George A. Devos

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One of the most enthralling days that I can remember was when Professor Lambo took me to visit a series of native healers, all of whom specialized in the treatment of mental illness. Each of these men presented two or three cases and gave m e the opportunity of questioning either the patient or the healer himself about the characteristics of the disorder. ” I asked this question thinking, of course, of the problems of cultural relativity in a culture where practices such as witchcraft, which in the Wcst would bc considered delusional, are accepted.

66 AUSTRALOPITHECUS AND HOMINID EVOLUTION An adequate understanding of human evolution, as of any phyletic sequence, is not solcly dependent upon the knowledge provided by the discovery of new fossil forms, important as these 2* 28 A . I. HALLOWELL may be. The identification and relationship of these in an evolutionary sequence is of paramount importance, otherwise the evolutionary unit with which we are dealing cannot be clearly defined and interpreted. One of the purposes of an orderly zoological classification is to indicate significant genetic relationships in a systematic form.

I saw no symptoms or behaviour that day that did not fit soiiicwlicre into my experience as a clinical psychiatrist, although obviously one day was not long enough for a full evaluation. Professor Lanibo arranged later for us to study, systematically and in some detail, twelve patients of native healers. Each of the four psychiatrists in our tcam participated in this study so that four diEerent psychiatric viewpoints were represented. Dr. Lambo’s colleague, Dr. Asuni, interviewed the native healer himself, took histories of the patients, and got a description of each case from the healcr’s point of view.

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