Climate Change and Peak Oil by Kar Y. Lee

By Kar Y. Lee

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The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World's Top Climate Expert

The Intergovernmental Panel on weather switch (IPCC) plays probably the most vital jobs on the planet. It surveys weather learn and writes a file approximately what all of it potential. This document is informally often called the weather Bible. stated by way of governments all over the world, the weather Bible is the explanation carbon taxes are being brought, heating money owed are emerging, and expensive new rules are being imposed.

Social-Ecological Transformation: Reconnecting Society and Nature

This booklet advances a social-ecological idea to reconnect nature and society via sustainable transformation of interacting social and ecological structures. Social ecology develops as an interdisciplinary technological know-how by utilizing wisdom from the social sciences, specially sociology and economics, and from natural-scientific ecology.

Extreme events: observations, modeling, and economics

The monograph covers the basics and the implications of utmost geophysical phenomena like asteroid affects, climatic swap, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, flooding, and area climate. This monograph additionally addresses their linked, neighborhood and around the globe socio-economic affects.

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One possible reason can be that at higher temperature, limestone (containing calcium carbonate) will turn more into quick lime (calcium oxide), releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in the process. On the other hand, at lower temperature, quick lime can absorb more carbon dioxide in the air and turn itself back into limestone. It is all a matter of where the chemical equilibrium is. Changing the earth temperature will shift this equilibrium, and therefore change the atmospheric composition.

We are only going to look at some conceptually simple and relevant calculations. We are going to consider the worst scenario for planets without an atmosphere. We will consider the simple case when we paint all three planets black. That means we will assume that they absorb all the sunlight that falls on them so that they will be hotter than they would actually be if they were simply stripped off of their atmospheres. By looking at the moon, we know how unreal this assumption is. The moon is so bright in the night sky, simply by reflecting lot of sunlight off its surface.

It was only twelve years later, in the November of 2010, that an environmentally acceptable proposal to drill through the ice was accepted and drilling began immediately. However, in January 27 of 2011, BBC News reported that the Russian team was running out of time because the temperature was decreasing rapidly and the team had to leave before Feb 6 when it would still be warm enough for a plane to land and take off. It was reported that after the drill passed through the 3600meter line, the team encountered frozen lake water instead of compactified snow.

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