Climate Strategy: Between Ambition and Realism (WRR by The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy

By The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy

In accordance with the UN-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on weather switch, present worldwide alterations in weather are 90-95% more likely to were brought on, a minimum of partly, by means of human job. This demanding research of the present international weather fight indicates 3 classes of priceless motion for fixing the weather challenge and demonstrates their viability: variation to the replaced weather, number of all over the world innovations for mitigation until eventually 2050, and an the world over coordinated attempt to enforce those regulations. A hugely readable and obtainable addition to weather technique and coverage, this quantity offers a refreshingly cutting edge examine present worldwide weather projects.

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There are three options for tackling flooding risks (Klijn et al. 2004). The first is the usual strengthening and raising of the river dykes, combined with maintenance of the channel. The second offers room for the rivers in the form of a series of flood plains which are allowed to flood at high water. Existing dyked areas would have to be split up into smaller dyked sections to accommodate this, so the economic damage would be minimised when the flood plains were under water. High standards would have to be set for the dyking of economically valuable areas.

This also means that a maximum of around 20% of the electricity can be generated using wind power. Secondgeneration biomass offers potential, but the existing infrastructure (the same also applies for solar and wind power) is insufficiently geared to new forms of sustainable energy. If the low cost-effectiveness is not enough to make this prohibitive in Europe, then this will certainly be the case on the global scale that is required. Can renewable energy be combined with nuclear energy? Is it feasible to achieve the target for the energy mix through a combination of modern renewable energy and nuclear power?

Securing a substantial contribution by modern renewable energy to the envisaged emission reduction will demand large-scale use of this energy, and the costs of this young technology could quickly get out of hand. The technology is insufficiently mature to permit its widescale use at this time. A wiser course might be to distinguish between emission reduction programmes based on proven and costeffective technologies on the one hand and R&D programmes aimed at developing cost-effective technologies in the future on the other.

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