Climate Systems: Interactive Forces of Global Warming by Julie Kerr Casper

By Julie Kerr Casper

Many scientists this present day check with the phenomenon of 'global warming' as 'climate change' simply because they consider it's a higher total description of the location.

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6°C) in the past 100 years. 3°F (2°C). 5°C); and the Arctic Sea. The polar and other high latitude areas are the most susceptible for accelerated temperature rise. The reason for the faster warming in the polar regions is due to the complex feedback mechanisms that exist between the atmosphere, the ocean, and ice. White snow and ice reflect most of the energy coming from the Sun while dark oceans and land absorb this energy. As snow and ice cover melt because of global warming, an increasing amount of energy is absorbed, and the resulting warming becomes self-perpetuating through a positive feedback mechanism.

Today, the Mauna Loa Observatory is recognized as the world’s premier long-term atmospheric monitoring facility and has the distinction of being the site where the continually increasing concentrations of global atmospheric CO2 were first discovered. Here, it was confirmed that the mean atmospheric concentration of CO2 was 316 parts per million by volume (ppmv) in 1958, rose to 369 ppmv by 1998, 379 ppmv by 2005, and has increased every year to the present. By the end of 2007, it had reached 383 ppmv.

Scientists know natural climate variability and cycles will continue, and they expect CO2 levels to rise and global warming to increase because of human influences. How much climate change occurs will ultimately depend on the choices humans make concerning population, energy, technology, and global cooperation. Dr. ” He also said: “Climate change is for real. We have just a small window of opportunity and it is closing rather rapidly. ” 13 14 CLIMATE SYSTEMS The world’s first functioning CO2-monitoring station is on top of Mauna Loa—the highest mountain on Hawaii and the Earth’s largest volcano.

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