Contribuciones al conocimiento de la estratigrafía cerámica by G. Reichel-Dolmatoff

By G. Reichel-Dolmatoff

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KcFadzean in 1970 (Knossos Logbook p. , 1970. CODE: FJ/70). 62. SUBMINO AN, EARLY IRON AGE, HELLENISTIC and ROMAN CEMETERY AREA west and south of 64 on the Medical Faculty site, explored in 1978 (AR 1978-79, 43 ff. CODE: KMF/78. Cf. Knossos Logbook pp. 47 f. for traces of graves rangingfromEarly Iron Age to Roman exposed by deep ploughingthroughoutthe olive grove here in April, 1976). No Minoan burials were identified; but fragments of a fineL. M. Ill painted larnax were recovered from a tomb which had been plundered, and small undecorated larnakes of uncertaindate Were found in other tombs.

1910, 148 f. PM index 74 f. Pini 84: XXI. Strat Mus, T. I. BSA lxxiii (1978) 183 f. for another vase from the 'Tomb of the Double Axes'). Six chamber tombs and a rectangular built tomb like the ROYAL TOMB 2. The tombs are described as being 'quarter of a mile north' of 2, and on the plan, PM ii fig. 131 A opp. 230, theyare shownrunningin a roughline fora distance of about 400 metresnorth-westof it. Only the built tomb can now be identified in the south-west corner of a field 150 m. north of the northern borderof the map.

20. ARCHAIC INSCRIPTION with 5 lettersAKIAI, built into a terrace wall at what had once been a corner,and visiblein 1960 but since removed. C 3 21. ) GRAVE RELIEF, built into the terrace wall flankingthe road on the east. The fragmentswere probably brought as building material from someC3 whereelse, not foundin the area. 22. ) includingM. M. Ill, exposed in the path for a distance of about 70 metresup the slope east of the road in 1976. The sherdsmay be dumped rubbish, as no traces of house walls or C3 stones fromthemwere noted in the area.

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