Controlling the quantum world: the science of atoms, by National Research Council, Division on Engineering and

By National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, Board on Physics and Astronomy, Committee on AMO 2010

As a part of the Physics 2010 decadal survey venture, the dept of power and the nationwide technology beginning asked that the nationwide study Council investigate the possibilities, over approximately the following decade, in atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) technological know-how and expertise. specifically, the nationwide study Council was once requested to hide the kingdom of AMO technological know-how, emphasizing contemporary accomplishments and picking new and compelling clinical questions. Controlling the Quantum World, discusses either the jobs and demanding situations for AMO technological know-how in instrumentation; clinical learn close to absolute 0; improvement of super severe x-ray and laser resources; exploration and keep an eye on of molecular methods; photonics on the nanoscale point; and improvement of quantum details know-how. This ebook additionally deals an evaluation of and suggestions approximately severe matters touching on holding U.S. management in AMO technology and technology.

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Close to an electron, however, there is a lot more happening. The electron envelops itself in a tiny cloud of emitted and reabsorbed virtual particles (Figure 2-2-1)—not only photons, but even the heavy particles studied at high-energy accelerators (similarly, the elementary constituents of the nucleus, the quarks, are surrounded by even more complicated clouds). ” Furthermore, the clouds will contain all virtual particles, even those too heavy to be produced by accelerators, so new physics beyond the current Standard Model might well show up irst in atomic experiments.

These uses of ultracold atoms as quantum simulators are among the most exciting recent developments in AMo science. they have a considerable impact on precision measurements, as discussed in chapter 2, and on quantum information science, as discussed in chapter 7. Also, these applications occur at the intersection of AMo physics and condensed matter and indeed AMo physics and other ields of physics. these strengthening links between AMo and other parts of physics promise exciting new discoveries in AMo science in particular and in physics more broadly.

Figure 2-2 shows the ranges of some of the current predictions for eDMs arising from various dynamical models that extend the Standard Model of particle physics. Since the energy of an atom with an eDM will depend upon the direction of the spin axis relative to an applied electric ield, eDM experiments look for a tiny shift in the nuclear or electron spin resonance of an atom or molecule placed in a large electric ield. Such spin resonance frequency measurements may provide our best opportunity to detect these tiniest effects of new fundamental forces that cannot yet be seen in experiments at high-energy accelerators.

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