Crowded with Genius: The Scottish Enlightenment: Edinburgh's by James Buchan

By James Buchan

In the early eighteenth century, Edinburgh was once a grimy backwater city synonymous with poverty and affliction. but by means of century's finish, it had develop into the surprise of recent Europe, domestic to the best minds of the day and their breathtaking techniques in structure, politics, technological know-how, the humanities, and economics—all of which proceed to echo loudly today.

Adam Smith penned The Wealth of Nations. James Boswell produced The lifetime of Samuel Johnson. along them, pioneers equivalent to David Hume, Robert Burns, James Hutton, and Sir Walter Scott reworked the best way we comprehend our perceptions and emotions, disorder and future health, kinfolk among the sexes, the wildlife, and the aim of existence.

In Crowded with Genius, James Buchan fantastically reconstructs the intimate geographic scale and boundless highbrow milieu of Enlightenment Edinburgh. With the scholarship of a historian and the attractiveness of a novelist, he tells the tale of the triumph of this not likely city and the lads whose imaginative and prescient introduced it into being.

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