Debarquement a Anzio

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Quaker Constitutionalism and the Political Thought of John Dickinson

Within the late-seventeenth century, Quakers originated a distinct pressure of constitutionalism, according to their theology and ecclesiology, which emphasised constitutional perpetuity and radical switch via renowned peaceable protest. whereas Whigs might think no different technique of drastic constitutional reform other than revolution, Quakers denied this as a sound choice to governmental abuse of authority and endorsed as an alternative civil disobedience.

I Never Knew That About London

This e-book is an enthralling trip round London to find the unknown stories of the capital’s background. traveling throughout the villages and districts that make up the world’s so much dynamic city it finds the hidden gem stones of legends, firsts, innovations, adventures and birthplaces that form the city’s compelling, and every now and then, turbulent previous.

El siglo de Augusto (Tiempo de Historia)

Para que un periodo histórico pueda simbolizarse con el nombre de una character, ésta hubo de imprimirle su propio sello y una fisonomía espiritual specific. El siglo de Augusto , que se extiende desde l. a. muerte de César (44 a. C. ) hasta l. a. del mismo César Octavio (14 d. C. ), es uno de esos periodos: el principado augustal supuso una renovación política y administrativa, el apogeo del arte y los angeles literatura latinas, una nueva concepción arquitectónica, y l. a. pacificación de los vastos dominios del imperio.

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Under Elizabeth the need to diversify trade became ever more important but other motives were also present. Increasing patriotism and nationalism as a result of Protestantism and the war with Spain demanded that England should not stand back and take second place. Attacks on Spanish ships and colonies led easily onto the idea that the English had every right to establish their own colonies. Anxieties about over-population and attendant problems of disorder also led some to see colonization as a useful way of reducing social pressures at home.

The fates of the first colonies were equally dismal. In 1 5 8 5 Sir Walter Raleigh settled colonists in Virginia but they swiftly returned home after suffering food shortages and failing to establish good relations with the local peoples. In 1587 Raleigh established another colony. The 150 settlers simply disappeared. Raleigh returned in 1 5 9 0 to find a deserted site. Their fate has never been discovered. These failures brought a temporary end to colonizing ventures, to be recommenced when the Virginia Company was established in 1606.

They enjoyed great prosperity in the eighteenth century, principally because the Delaware River valley developed into a rich agricultural area, producing grain, hemp, flax, and livestock. Quantities of timber and iron contributed to the growth of manufacturing as well. 3. The Southern Colonies. These were Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia. The economic mainstay of these colonies was tobacco and rice, which were grown on large plantations worked by Black slaves imported from Africa.

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