Deep Republicanism: Prelude to Professionalism by Donald C. Hodges

By Donald C. Hodges

Deep Republicanism: Prelude to Professionalism unearths a subversive republicanism in Machiavelli's political theories that's at odds with the demoliberalism frequently perceived as his basic political time table. It additionally establishes the significance of this republican time table in realizing the main revolutions of the trendy global.

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Machiavelli's teaching is immoral and irreligious," although most interpreters think otherwise because, as heirs of the Machiavellian tradition, they "do not see the evil character of his Contrary to Berlin, Strauss argues that Machiavelli rejected classical morality, not just Christian ethics. Machiavelli's revolt against classical political philosophy, he contends, was also a revolt against its moral foundations. But Strauss confuses the Christian religion and morality of St. Paul with Jesus' religion and morals as presented in the Synoptic Gospels.

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