Tobacco in History and Culture. An Encyclopedia Addiction, by Jordan Goodman

By Jordan Goodman

Tobacco in historical past and tradition: An Encyclopedia is a different source. it's a singleauthoritative encyclopedia on each element of tobacco, one of many world’s such a lot pervasivesubstances. we predict this encyclopedia for use via a wide selection of groups.While it's a resource for prime institution and faculty curricula in classes on history,business, healthiness, and political technology, it's also a scholarly source for thosedoing examine with regards to tobacco and its historical past.

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Countless examples exist of women smokers and takers of snuff, especially in the courts of early modern Europe, but smoking remained a largely adult male pastime until the end of the nineteenth century. It was with the introduction of the modern, machine-made cigarette from the 1880s that new demographics of smoking emerged, or at least societies perceived a new problem among smoking youths and women. snuff a form of powdered tobacco, usually flavored, either sniffed into the nose or “dipped,” packed between cheek and gum.

In the period between Tobacco in History and Culture AN ENCYCLOPEDIA 25 AFRICA plantation historically, a large agricultural estate dedicated to producing a cash crop worked by laborers living on the property. Before 1865, plantations in the American South were usually worked by slaves. 1637 and 1642, the Dutch replaced the Portuguese as the principal European trading power along the West African coast. However, the Dutch merchants soon realized that their ability to trade with the local peoples was greatly restricted because they did not have access to the one trade item most favored by Africans in the area—tobacco produced in the Bahia region of Portuguese Brazil.

Demographics in the Early Twentieth Century The sight of poor, urban boys smoking cheap, mass-produced cigarettes gave impetus to several antismoking groups around the world, principally in France, Britain, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Early opposition came from Frances Willard’s Woman’s Christian Tobacco in History and Culture AN ENCYCLOPEDIA 31 AGE Temperance Union and later from such luminaries as Henry Ford and the health advocate and cereal producer, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. ” In 1899 she created the Anti-Cigarette League of America, an organization that eschewed the education and reform of the sinful smoker and advocated instead outright prohibition.

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